Here's what you need to look out for: (please scroll down for more detailed information!)

1. Purchase advice for a second hand car / used car in South Africa

2. Registration and Documentation for car sales in South Africa

3. The appearance of the second hand or used car

4. Start up the engine

5. The bodywork - inspect the second hand or used car before you buy!

6. Look for accident damage

7. Check the upholstery and interior of the car

8. Performance and the engine

9. Gearbox and clutch

10. Brakes and suspension

11. Radiator and cooling system

12. General, steering and tyres



Registering a used vehicle
We at AVautos will do all the necessary paperwork and administration as well as vehicle testing, roadworthy clearance, number plates and register your vehicle on your name at the nearest vehicle registration authority with the following documents supplied by you:

  • ID (such as a passport or identity card)
  • The vehicle registration certificate in the seller's name
  • A roadworthy certificate, if the current registration certificate is older than six months.
  • Proof of purchase.
  • A valid motor vehicle licence.
  • The completed application form for registering and licencing a motor vehicle (RLV).
  • Fees to be paid.
  • As with new vehicles, the fee for registering a used vehicle depends on the province in which it is registered.